Professional Wedding DJ

No More AV Worries


Worried about the AV aspects of your wedding, such as who to play your March-in songs reliably?

Wondering if there is someone who can play the right songs (English, Chinese, Dialect songs, both new and classics) at the right time to entertain your guests of varying ages?

Engage SG Wedding DJ and you are guaranteed ZERO AV worries.

He lets you know exactly what he needs from you in advance, and runs the show for you on your actual day seamlessly.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Also not just a DJ who mixes music, SG Wedding DJ takes it a step further by mixing MTVs together with his music. To top it off with a dash of social interaction, he has created an interactive app which your guests can have fun with during their meals!

Watch the video below or visit the FAQ to find out more about this unique wedding entertainment!


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