Professional Wedding DJ

No More AV Worries


Let a professional handle the AV aspects of your wedding, such as your March-in songs & Highlights videos.

Someone who can play the right songs (English, Chinese, Dialect songs, and also something for the seniors) to entertain your guests of varying ages.

Engage SG Wedding DJ and you are guaranteed ZERO AV WORRIES.

He lets you know exactly what he needs from you in advance, and runs the show for you on your actual day seamlessly.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy.

To top it off with a dash of social interaction, he has created an interactive QR Code which your guests can have fun with during their meals – without leaving their seat. Who says you can’t have interaction and fun at weddings now? πŸ˜‰

Watch the video below to find out more about this unique wedding entertainment!

Brand New in 2022 – Spice Up Your Wedding!

SG Wedding DJ has incorporated ‘live scratching’ on his turntables to his sets!

This highly-specialized skill adds a dash of flavour to your wedding and is an awesome ear-pleaser to your guests!

Watch the following video with SOUND ON to check it out!

Latest Reviews

Updated 1 June 2022

Marcus & Chersy (8 Jan 2022)

No ragrets😏!!! Worth every cents you paid!!

Liaising with DJ Funky T from start to the event preparation itself is definitely a breeze! Feels like working with an old friend who is really enthusiastic for your big day. Always cheerful and fun in our conversations~

We can safely leave all the AV matters to him, and he will arrange to settle them himself. E.g. coming down few days before to do all the testing himself in the hotel, making sure everything’s all good.

On the actual day, he combined a good mix of music genre that catered to all age group of our guests, where we had little kids dancing to “Baby shark” and elderly singing to the retro hit music. The e-message app is awesome as well! Our guests were having fun posting their well-wishes, and being displayed on the screen. Overall, all of us had a blast! Definitely a mood booster for our wedding!

We also received the compiled e-guest book the day after our wedding. So fast!

Once again, thank you so much for your help! 😎πŸ₯³πŸ™†β€β™€οΈπŸ™†

Jian Ling & Gladys (25 Dec 2021)

We highly recommend engaging DJ Funky T as your deejay if you are still cracking your head thinking who is the best person to be your AV guy. He coordinates on behalf of us with our hotel for testing and all we have to do is just focus being groom and bride.

Very friendly and engaging person. If you need planning advice, he’s always around to help. It’s a fuss free process since the day we engage him till Actual day. Most of the time our conversation ends with β€œI have confident in you” and yup, not wrong at all. The e-wishes was great and my guest love it ! Not forgetting the choice of songs.

He manage to keep my guest from different age group entertain. It’s just amazing ! Also It’s really nice to receive the PDF file after so we can slowly read the wishes sent in by our guest during the dinner.Overall, everyone enjoyed and we love his service ! If you have the extra budget, go for it ! Won’t regret. 🀩🀩🀩

Justin & Irene (26 Jan 2022)

Ti Eu was extremely helpful throughout the whole wedding event. Most people think there is no need to hire a wedding dj because they can simply prepare a song list, and get a friend to manage it.

What they don’t understand is that a wedding’s music is not just about playing play. It is about reading the room, its people and dropping the right hits at the right time.

Ti eu did all this and more, going as far as to coordinate a series of surprise video materials with me for my wife.

Without him, my wedding would not have worked.


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Fun for Guests

Who doesn’t like to have some fun during a wedding?

Making use of DJ Funky T’s interactive mobile app as shown in the video above, your guests can easily post selfies & well-wishes on the projector screens, in real time!

Will I get a copy of the dedications that my guests have posted?

Yes, a consolidated copy of all the dedications in PDF format will be emailed to you within 3 working days after your wedding.

Here is an example of what it looks like (download full PDF here):

This fantastic e-guestbook will definitely bring you warm memories of your wedding in the many years to come!

Photo Slideshow

Too lazy to make a photo montage video?

DJ Funky T presents your photos in a more innovative way – by sliding them over his MTVs throughout your wedding!

Simply provide your wedding photos, family & friends photos and couple photos in JPG format, and he will run the images throughout your banquet.

What sequence will my photos be displayed?

The typical sequence is as follows:

Before 1st March-in:
Pre-Wedding Shoot (loop)

When Meals Start:
1) Childhood Photos
2) Friends & Family Photos
3) Couple Photos
4) Pre-Wedding Shoot (if there is extra time)

Music Genres

DJ Funky T plays a wide range of music to cater to guests of all ages.

Music for All Ages

DJ Funky T plays a mixture of English, Chinese and even Dialect songs as background music during the entire banquet.

What he plays depends on age groups and profiles of your guests, and he will adjust his music accordingly based on his experience and the current mood. He will also drop a few oldies for the mature guests, and one or 2 K-pop songs for the young ones. It all depends on the atmosphere and also the facial feedback from your guests.

Special Video Remixes to Conclude The Banquet

What is a wedding without some vibes near the end? Once dessert is served and guests are getting ready to leave, DJ Funky T will drop some of his signature video remixes to provide an uptempo mood which will leave your guests with wonderful & unforgettable memories as your banquet is concluded.


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