Frequently Asked Questions

Definitely not!

While the meals are being served, I play a range of slow love ballads which are easy on the ears.

The ‘louder’ music only comes in during the after-party, if there is one.

For more details on the music which I play during weddings, please visit my Music Genres page.

I specialize in providing entertainment during dinner (like how a live band does), and not just the after-party.
While having their meal, your guests can enjoy watching MTVs as I mix them ‘live’ on screen together with my music.

They can also have fun by using my interactive app to post pictures & well-wishes on the projector screens.

This feature is extremely interactive and never ceases to delight guests.

Also, I perform for the entire duration of your wedding, whereas a live band typically performs for short sets during dinner only.

Definitely. Versatility is what I specialize in.

I am able to play a wide range of classics, such as The Beatles, Elvis Presley, The Carpenters and The Bee Gees.

I can also play Chinese songs from Teresa Teng 邓丽君 (Deng Lijun), Cantonese songs, and even Hokkien songs.


I play exclusive cartoon video remixes (such as Sesame Street, Smurfs, Minions) just for the young ones.

You can view examples of these videos at my Music Genres page.

Yes. If a guest approaches me with a song request, I will play the requested song if I have the song and also if it is suitable for weddings.

I love to work with couples prior to their weddings to customize the music that they want during their big day.


Using my FREE app, your guests simply have to:

1) Type a message
2) Take a selfie or group photo
3) Tap on POST

Their picture & message will be shown on screen in seconds.

Also available on Android.

Yes, a gallery button is available in my app.

A consolidated PDF document that contains all the dedications and pictures will be emailed to you within 3 working days after your wedding.

Not to worry!

During important segments such as walk-ins and speeches, I will turn off my videos and switch the projector image to your couple logo so that the focus is on you, the couple.


I will even provide recommendations on how long your song should be played before the doors open, so that your walk-in will have the best ‘effect’.

With me behind the decks, you can have peace of mind because your music will be played perfectly at the right time, at the right volume.


Simply link me up with your videographer (or whoever is in charge of editing the videos) and I will obtain your videos from him.

Not to worry! I have a second (backup) laptop connected to the sound system. In the highly unlikely event that there is software failure on my primary laptop, I simply need to flick a switch to continue playback from my second laptop.

This recovery system also applies to childhood montages and morning highlight videos.

I typically spin 4 hours as follows:

Lunch: 12pm – 4pm
Dinner: 7pm – 11pm

One set – because I cover your entire wedding!
Yes indeed.

I will take charge of all music and video playback for your entire wedding.

Please kindly send me an enquiry here by filling in the details of your wedding.

I will advise on the cost based on the requirements.

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