Frequently Asked Questions

My services are in line with the latest covid guidelines for weddings and I have been back in business and performing regularly since October 2020.

I also edit your music so that you get the best version of the song with the greatest impact when the doors open (eg shorten the intro so that you can enter at the chorus).

Simply send me your montage video using Dropbox/Google Drive before your wedding.

For your highlights videos, simply link me up with your videographer and I will obtain the video from him/her on the AD when it is ready.

No coordination required from you, so you're worry-free!
1) Your choice of March-in songs (I will provide recommendations too)
2) Your photos in JPG format (for the photo slideshow)

That's it!

I will take care of the rest of the AV for your wedding.
I decide what to play based on:

- The profile and age of your guests
- How they respond to my music

For most wedding receptions, I play a mixture of English and Chinese love songs, along with one or 2 dialect songs for the seniors. I often play a few popular K-pop songs for the young too.

It all depends on the vibe and how your guests react to my music!
I will try my best to fulfill the request if it is suitable for weddings.
I cover your entire banquet from the moment doors open until all your guests have left.

I don't take breaks and you have my undivided attention and support for 100% of your banquet.

I also will arrive 1.5 hours in advance for my setup and AV check.
I have performed at most wedding venues and will make the arrangements with your venue coordinator.

No coordination work is required from you.

All well-wishes and images from guests are screened by me before being displayed on screen.

I will provide a link for you to share to your friends who are not attending your wedding.

They can post their well-wishes during your wedding. Their well-wishes will be shown on screen and also be compiled into your PDF e-guestbook.
The slideshows run throughout the entire banquet, except during important segments such as March-ins/Speeches/Champagne Pouring etc during which I will display your static couple logo (I will create a beautiful one for you).
Before 1st March-in:
Pre-Wedding Shoot (loop)

When Meals Start:
1) Childhood Photos
2) Friends & Family Photos
3) Couple Photos
4) Pre-Wedding Shoot (if there is extra time)
Please contact me for my package details.