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Wedding DJ vs Spotify

5 Reasons Why A Wedding DJ Outperforms Spotify:

DJ Has Superior Playlist

A wedding DJ naturally has countless experience playing to a ‘live’ audience, especially in a wedding setting where there is a wide age group. He would know what songs make different guests vibe, whereas a fixed playlist can’t (even heavily customized ones).

Also, a wedding DJ filters out songs that are not suitable for weddings, for example songs with a happy melody but in fact comprise of break-up lyrics, which a Spotify playlist might miss.

DJ Adapts To Situation

A wedding DJ would know exactly when to play the all important March-in songs, and how to prepare for contingencies, for example if the March-in and cake cutting or champagne pouring lasts longer than the duration of the song.

When to start the song, lower the volume when the emcee is speaking, and finally end the song, is a crucial skill that a person manning a Spotify laptop is ill-disposed to handle.

Bonus Advantage:
For the montage videos, a wedding DJ with the right software could even play the videos without showing any mouse cursors or initial ‘Play’ buttons on screen.

DJ Tailors Music for All Age Groups

A wedding typically comprises of a wide-ranging spectrum of age groups, and ideally you will want to entertain everyone. A wedding DJ would know how to group sets of songs to cater to each age group so there is something for everyone, especially within the time constraints of a wedding banquet.

It is possible to build a Spotify playlist that tries to accomplish this task but it wouldn’t be able to arrange the songs to fit into a fluid time frame of an event, especially when it is not able to mix out a a song early like a DJ can.

DJ Mixes Beautiful Song Transitions

A wedding DJ is always equipped with DJ equipment which he uses to mix or blend from one song to the next. He would have a repertoire of skills to perform transitions and not only control the mood of the wedding, but also tell a musical story through his mixing and song selections.

A Spotify playlist can only crossfade songs and attempt to eliminate gaps of silence between songs. The transitions will not be smooth and the songs will be fully played, which brings us to the next point,

DJ Plays More Songs In Total

A wedding DJ is able to mix out of a song before it ends, and this means that we can avoid playing a track till it gets boring (usually at the breakdown after the 2nd chorus). This means that aside from having seamless transitions between songs, you also get more songs in an entire wedding, when compared to a Spotify playlist that plays each song fully from start to end.

How I Mix Music:

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