Music Genres

DJ Funky T plays a wide range of music to cater to guests of all ages.

Music for All Ages

DJ Funky T plays a mixture of English, Chinese and even Dialect songs as background music during the entire banquet.

What he plays depends on age groups and profiles of your guests, and he will adjust his music accordingly based on his experience and the current mood. He will also drop a few oldies for the mature guests, and one or 2 K-pop songs for the young ones. It all depends on the atmosphere and also the facial feedback from your guests.

Special Video Remixes to Conclude The Banquet

What is a wedding without some vibes near the end? Once dessert is served and guests are getting ready to leave, DJ Funky T will drop some of his signature video remixes to provide an uptempo mood which will leave your guests with wonderful & unforgettable memories as your banquet is concluded.

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