Detailed Rundown

SG Wedding DJ guides you on what you need to prepare, takes care of all the AV aspects of your wedding and provides an interactive app for your guests to play with.

The following is a detailed rundown of his role at your wedding based on a standard program flow (NOTE: he can adapt to any program flow):


Email To Couple

  • DJ will provide couple with a list of suggested and popular March-in songs
  • DJ will provide couple with a checklist of items that the couple needs to send to him (eg March-in song choices, photos for slideshow, videographer’s contact number etc)
  • Couple only needs to prepare the items required in the DJ checklist, and the DJ will run the entire show on the AD (together with the emcee & banquet manager)


AV Check at Hotel (1-2 weeks before AD)

  • DJ will visit hotel to perform an AV check
  • If he has performed at that hotel before, he will not perform this visit
  • Couple need NOT visit hotel to test their laptop (when requested to by the hotel), as DJ will be the one playing all music and video on the AD (couple saves one trip to hotel)

Liasing with Videographer (2 Days Before AD)

  • DJ contacts videographer who is in-charge of AD’s highlights video
  • DJ informs videographer that DJ will be playing highlights video on AD
  • DJ informs videographer to pass highlights video to DJ (on the AD) when the video is ready
  • Couple need not perform any liasing for playback of highlights video (DJ will handle it)

Editing & Confirmation of March-in songs with Couple (1-2 Weeks Before AD)

  • DJ creates extended version of March-in songs so that the song does not end during longer March-ins & cake cutting
  • If possible, DJ edits away the lengthy and boring parts of the song, so that the couple gets most exciting/uplifting versions of the songs
  • DJ uploads songs to Dropbox for the couple to cross-check, to ensure that the songs are correct


Note: This is only an example actual day program flow. Every couple has their own program flow and the DJ is able adjust to each individual one.

Final AV Check (1.5 Hours Before Event Starts)

  • DJ arrives for actual day AV check
  • Setup DJ equipment at DJ table at floor level next to stage
  • AV check with hotel’s AV team
  • DJ lets banquet manager listen to March-in songs and indicates to him which part of the music that the doors should open
  • DJ passes instruction cards (with QR code for interactive app) to hotel staff to be placed next to guests’ plates (one card per guest)
  • Once ready, DJ will:
    1. Start playing background music
    2. Start running slideshow for pre-wedding images
    3. Enable live-interactive app for guests to start posting anytime

Ballroom Doors Open (Guests Enter) 

  • DJ continues background music, running pre-wedding slideshow
  • Guests who enter will start playing with interactive posting app
  • DJ checks content of well-wishes
  • DJ alternates between showing well-wishes on screen and running pre-wedding slideshow

1st March-in

  • Couple is ready and standing at doors
  • Banquet manager informs emcee to start the 1st March-in
  • Emcee makes introductions and announces the playback of montage video (if any)
  • DJ plays montage video immediately after emcee’s announcement (if any)
  • If no montage video, go straight to 1st March-in
  • Emcee announces the arrival of the bride and groom
  • DJ immediately plays the 1st March-in song
  • Couple can just relax and wait for doors to open before they march-in (no counting or listening to music required)
  • Doors open at right time (as banquet manager is aware of when to open doors)
  • Couple marches in and proceeds to cake-cutting
  • DJ lowers volume whenever emcee is speaking
  • After cake-cutting, couple proceeds to table.
  • Emcee announces about interactive app and instructions cards that are on table. Encourages guests to post well-wishes as they will be shown on screen and also saved into PDF e-guestbook. DJ shows well-wishes on screen as emcee makes announcement
  • Emcee announces that lunch/dinner is served
  • DJ immediately plays 1st Dish song (if any)

Meal Time (Part 1)

  • Lunch/dinner is served
  • DJ plays background music with music video background visuals
  • Song transitions are mixed ‘live’ so songs blend smoothly to one another
  • Songs played are a mixture of English, Chinese and maybe 1 or 2 dialect songs
  • DJ decides on song selections based on:
    1. Profile and age group of guests
    2. Reaction of guests to his music
  • DJ runs slideshow of couple-provided images in the following order:
    1. Childhood photos
    2. Friends and Family
    3. Couple photos
  • Note: In view that the DJ has the capability to slowly screen the Childhood/Family & Friends/Couple photos etc, many couples forgo using a montage video before the 1st march-in. This saves the couple time and effort (to make a montage video) and allows the guests to truly take their time to enjoy their photos throughout the banquet
  • Guests continue posting well-wishes using app
  • DJ checks contents of well-wishes
  • DJ shows new well-wishes on screen
  • DJ alternates between well-wishes and slideshows, making live-adjustments based on the frequency of well-wishes coming in and the total number of couple-provided images
  • Videographer passes highlights video to DJ when video is ready
  • DJ tests highlights video to ensure that it can be played

2nd March-in

  • Couple is ready and standing at doors
  • Banquet manager informs emcee to start the 2nd March-in
  • Emcee makes introduction and announces the playback of highlights video (if any)
  • DJ plays highlights video immediately after emcee’s announcement (if any)
  • If no highlights video, go straight to 2nd March-in
  • Emcee announces the arrival of the bride and groom
  • DJ immediately plays the 2nd March-in song
  • Couple marches in and proceeds to champagne pouring
  • DJ lowers volume whenever emcee is speaking
  • After champagne pouring, couple proceeds with cross toast
  • Emcee proceeds with yam seng (or ‘cheers’ during pandemic periods)
  • Couple speech
  • Couple proceeds for photo-taking

Meal Time (Part 2)

  • Lunch/dinner continues
  • DJ continues with:
    1. Background music with music video background visuals
    2. Slideshow of couple-provided images
    3. Screening of well-wishes from guests


  • Towards 2nd last dish (noodles or fried rice), DJ plays more uplifting music and his signature cartoon/animation video remixes (eg Minions, Smurfs, Angry Birds)
  • Music volume will still be background music level for guests to easily converse, but atmosphere will be more exciting for the conclusion of the wedding
  • Video remixes are visually very entertaining and livens up the guests after long hours of sitting down (They think that the wedding is ending and will be pleasantly surprised to view such fun entertainment)
  • Exciting atmosphere is maintained even as guests are congratulating couple as they leave, hence giving them an unforgettable experience akin to leaving an exciting party
  • When all guests have left, DJ drops one last slow track to conclude the wedding

Day After Wedding

  • DJ consolidates well-wishes and images from guests into PDF e-guestbook
  • DJ sends e-guestbook to couple
  • DJ gathers feedback from couple